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Month: November 2017

Cable-laying drone wires up remote Welsh village

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWATCH: Are drones the answer to providing high-speed broadband access to rural communities? A drone has helped bring superfast broadband services to an isolated Welsh village. Cable company Openreach used the drone to avoid having to lay cable across “challenging” terrain that included woods, a river and steep hills. The drone was flown across a section of forest near Pontfadog, Wrexham, to help sling wires between telegraph […]

More gamblers 'self-excluding' as online betting grows

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Betting shops and racecourses saw the biggest rise in people asking for help to stop gambling More gamblers are opting to “ban” themselves amid a rise in online betting, new figures have revealed. Firms received almost 50,000 requests from customers asking to close their accounts last year – an increase of 7,000 on the previous year. It comes as operators prepare to offer a national scheme offering gamblers the ability […]

Facebook disables ethnicity advert targeting system

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Advertisers could choose to exclude groups such as wheelchair users, ProPublica found Facebook has temporarily turned off a system that let advertisers choose which ethnic and minority groups saw their ads. It said it would investigate how the feature was being used by advertisers. News organisation ProPublica discovered that the system could be abused by posting discriminatory ads on the social network. Facebook said it would look for […]

Elon Musk bids to build Chicago travel pods

Image copyright Reuters Elon Musk’s infrastructure firm, the Boring Company, will compete to build a new transport link in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is exploring options for a high-speed link between O’Hare Airport and the city centre, and is considering an underground link. Mr Musk tweeted that the Boring Company would submit a proposal for a “high-speed loop” in Chicago. He added that the plan would involve “electric pods” travelling in underground tunnels. Mr Musk […]

Google faces mass legal action in UK over data snooping

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Google faces its first mass legal action in the UK Google is being taken to court, accused of collecting the personal data of millions of users, in the first mass legal action of its kind in the UK. It focuses on allegations that Google unlawfully harvested information from 5.4 million UK users by bypassing privacy settings on their iPhones. The group taking action – Google You Owe Us – […]

Donald Trump retweets far-right group's anti-Muslim videos

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe White House says Trump’s Britain First tweets were about border security Donald Trump has retweeted three inflammatory videos from a British far-right group. The first tweet from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, claims to show a Muslim migrant attacking a man on crutches. This was followed by two more videos of people Ms Fransen claims to be Muslim. Responding to Mr Trump’s posts, […]

Classified Pentagon data leaked on the public cloud

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Classified Pentagon data was left exposed for years on a publicly accessible server Classified Pentagon data was mistakenly left exposed on an unsecured public cloud server, cyber-security researchers have discovered. The 100GB of data is from a failed joint intelligence-sharing programme run by the US Army and National Security Agency in 2013. The information was left on an unlisted but public Amazon Web Services storage server. It is likely […]

Uber says 2.7m Brits hit by breach that was covered up

Image copyright Alamy Image caption Uber had not previously revealed exactly how many of the affected users were UK-based Uber has revealed that 2.7 million British riders and drivers were affected by a 2016 data breach that it covered up for more than a year. A total of 57 million worldwide had data exposed in the breach, but the firm had not specified how many were UK-based before. The stolen information includes names, email addresses […]

Uber accused of 'hiring ex-CIA agents to spy on rivals'

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Uber has been accused of hiring a firm that used ex-CIA agents to steal trade secrets from rivals Uber has been accused of hiring a firm that uses former CIA agents to help it spy on rivals overseas. A former Uber security manager alleged in court on Tuesday that the firm used contractors that employed former spies to infiltrate competitors’ computers. US federal prosecutors are now investigating the claims, […]

Bitcoin crosses $10,000 milestone

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bitcoin’s value has fluctuated widely during its nine-year existence The value of one bitcoin has gone past $10,000 (£7,493). The virtual currency reached the benchmark for the first time, just days after it passed $9,000. It caps a remarkable rise in value for the crypto-currency, which was trading below $1,000 at the start of the year. Some experts believe the asset still has far to soar, but others say […]

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