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Young Brits 'lack cyber-security awareness'

Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption People often had copies of official documents in the sent box of their email accounts, the police said. More than 52% of Britons aged 18-25 are using the same password for lots of online services, suggests a survey. By doing so they make it easy for hackers to hijack accounts, warned the UK government’s Cyber Aware campaign. The danger was acute because of the sensitive data people typically send via […]

AI ripe for exploitation, experts warn

Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption The threat of AI is real and many of the technologies are already developed, warn 26 leading experts Drones turned into missiles, fake videos manipulating public opinion and automated hacking are just three of the threats from artificial intelligence in the wrong hands, experts have said. The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report warns that AI is ripe for exploitation by rogue states, criminals and terrorists. Those designing AI systems […]

FaceTime chat 'saves woman's life'

Image copyright Opokua KwapongImage caption Opokua Kwapong says FaceTime saved her life A woman who had a stroke while on a FaceTime video call with her sister, says the technology saved her life. Opokua Kwapong, who lives alone in New York, was on a call with her sister, Adumea Sapong, in Manchester, when Mrs Sapong noticed that her elder sibling “didn’t look right”. She raised the alarm after she also noticed her sister’s voice was […]

Venezuela launches oil cryptocurrency

Image copyright Reuters Venezuela has launched a cryptocurrency in an attempt to bypass tough economic sanctions imposed by the US government. The “Petro” is intended to bolster the country’s crumbling economy, which has been suffering from hyperinflation and devaluation for years. Venezuela claims it is the world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency. Critics say the move is a desperate attempt by Caracas to raise cash at a time when Venezuela lacks the ability to repay its $150bn […]

'Upskirting' should be criminal offence, campaigners say

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption“He was laughing”: Three women tell the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire about their experience of upskirting “Upskirting” should be made a specific sexual offence, after police data showed a 10-year-old girl was among those targeted, campaigners say. Secretly photographing underneath a skirt is not a specific offence in England and Wales. The Ministry of Justice says that upskirting is currently covered by alternative avenues of prosecution. There have […]

Dark web paedophile Matthew Falder jailed for 32 years

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMatthew Falder: Paedophile with ‘rap sheet from hell’ A “warped and sadistic” paedophile who blackmailed victims and shared abuse tips and images on the dark web has been jailed for 32 years. Cambridge graduate Matthew Falder, 29, admitted 137 charges – including rape – against 46 people, some of whom were in court to see him jailed. He coerced victims into acts including licking toilet seats and […]

Plans drawn up for world's tallest wooden skyscraper

Image copyright Sumitomo Forestry A Japanese company is planning to build the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper, to mark its 350th anniversary in 2041. Sumitomo Forestry said 10% of the 70-storey W350 tower would be steel, combined with about 180,000 cubic metres of indigenous wood, enough to build about 8,000 homes, and trees and foliage on balconies at every level. A “braced tube structure”, diagonal steel vibration-control braces at the centre of a 350m (1,150ft) wood […]

Probe after 'drone made helicopter crash'

Image copyright DJIImage caption A DJI Phantom drone is believed to have been involved in the incident Investigations have been launched after a helicopter reportedly crashed after swerving to avoid a consumer drone. A trainee had been practising hovering about 15m (50ft) above trees on Daniel Island, South Carolina, reported the Charleston Post and Courier newspaper quoting a police report. Seeing a quadcopter flying towards them, the instructor had taken control. But he had clipped […]

Facebook to seek verification by post for election ads

Image copyright Getty Images Facebook plans to send postcards in the US mail in order to verify the location of people requesting to buy adverts related to US election candidates. Katie Harbath, a director at Facebook, said at a conference that a postcard would be sent to the advertiser’s address with a code, which they would need to share to complete the booking. Facebook is part of the US investigation into election meddling. Thirteen Russians […]

Russia-Trump inquiry: Russians charged over US 2016 election tampering

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionRussians recruited ‘real Americans’ as part of ‘information warfare’ Thirteen Russians have been charged with interfering in the US 2016 election, in a major development in the FBI investigation. Three of those named have also been accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five have been accused of aggravated identity theft. The charges were made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating alleged Russian meddling. […]

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