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Far Cry boss expects more political blockbuster games

The boss of Far Cry 5 has told Newsbeat its time for games to follow TV and film – and get political.

The latest title in the Far Cry series is set in a town in modern day America which has been taken over by religious fanatics.

The title’s creative director Dan Hay admits it’s based on real world events.

He says although its rare for games to be this political, it’s time for the industry to “mature”.

Dan Hay

“I grew up in the 1980s during the cold war,” he tells Newsbeat.

“At the time you don’t know what it means but there’s this feeling that anything could kick off at any time. And for years there was this weight on my chest of not understanding what it was and not having any way to control it.

“Then about 10 or 15 years ago I started to have that feeling again. I remember going through the financial crisis in 2007 and hearing people ask where the government was.

“And even looking globally and looking at Brexit and feeling like the language of the world had changed from one of a global community to being us and them.”

He says this was the inspiration for Far Cry 5’s bleak storyline.

“I thought what if we simply gave that feeling to one person again? What if they believed that the end of times was actually going to come?”

A screen shot from Far Cry 5

The player’s job in the game is to take back control of Hope County, Montana, from a fanatical doomsday cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate.

Led by preacher Joseph Seed and his siblings, they’ve violently risen up to take power.

“What’s interesting about where games are right now is that movies have been exploring this type of stuff for years,” Dan Hay says, “they let you dip your toe in a situation that you ordinarily would never live.

“As games mature I think we’ve reached parity. If we’re going to build a real world – and put you in real situations and twist them a bit – then we have to be able to explore some of the same things that television and movies do.”

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Source: BBC News

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