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Facebook told to stop tracking in Belgium

Image copyright Getty Images Facebook has been ordered to stop tracking people without consent, by a court in Belgium. The company has been told to delete all the data it had gathered on people who did not use Facebook. The court ruled the data was gathered illegally. Belgium’s privacy watchdog said the website had broken privacy laws by placing tracking code – known as cookies – on third-party websites. Facebook said it would appeal against […]

Call for women-only Uber Pools for London

Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption There is a call for Women Only Uber Pool cars in London Uber and other ride-sharing apps have been urged to offer women-only cars in London by the transport authority. The suggestion is outlined in a policy statement issued by Transport for London (TfL). The move could affect services such as Uber Pool, which let customers share a car with strangers. The policy statement said operators should “allow passengers to […]

Anger at Google image search 'peace deal'

Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption Getty Images sells photographers’ work Google has made it more difficult for people to save pictures from its image search product, as part of a “peace deal” with photo library Getty Images. In 2017, Getty Images complained to the European Commission, accusing Google of anti-competitive practices. Google said it had removed some features from image search, including the “view image” button. Getty Images said it was a “significant milestone” but […]

UK and US blame Russia for 'malicious' NotPetya cyber-attack

Image copyright PA The Russian military was directly behind a “malicious” cyber-attack on Ukraine that spread globally last year, the US and Britain have said. The White House said June’s NotPetya ransomware attack caused billions of dollars in damage across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said Russia was “ripping up the rule book” and the UK would respond. Moscow denies being behind the attack, calling such claims “Russophobic”. Ransomware, which […]

Instagram submits to Russia censor's demands

Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption Mr Navalny has criticised Instagram for meeting Russia’s internet censor’s demand Instagram has blocked posts in Russia relating to corruption claims made by the country’s most prominent opposition leader. It follows a demand by the country’s internet censor that the Facebook-owned service restrict access to posts on its platform connected to allegations made by Alexei Navalny. Its response contrasts with that of Google’s YouTube service. It had been ordered to […]

Google Chrome launches default ad-blocker

Image copyright AFPImage caption Chrome is available for desktop computers and a wide range of mobile devices Google has launched an ad-blocker for its Chrome web browser that is designed to prevent “annoying” and “intrusive” ads being shown to users. Google announced the move to curtail full-page and auto-playing video ads, among others, last year. The choice of which ads to block will be determined by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) – made up […]

'Anti-Clinton' Wikileaks chat leaked

Image copyright AFPImage caption Wikileaks was founded by Julian Assange Wikileaks, the whistle-blowing site founded by Julian Assange, wanted a Republican to become US president, according to a leaked conversation. Files obtained by The Intercept show the Wikileaks Twitter account revealing its preference to a group of supporters, via private chat. “We believe it would be much better for GOP [US Republican party] to win,” the transcript read. The account also described Hillary Clinton as […]

Apple's HomePod speakers leave white marks on wood

Image copyright Pocket-lintImage caption Pocket-lint published this image of a mark left by its Homepod test unit Apple’s new smart speakers can discolour wooden surfaces, leaving a white mark where they are placed, the firm has acknowledged. The US company has suggested that owners may have to re-oil furniture if the HomePod is moved. The device went on sale last week after having been delayed from its original 2017 release date. Apple updated its help […]

AI does grunt work on China's pig farms

Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption Alibaba is trying to entice Chinese pig farmers to trial its tech Artificial intelligence technology has been developed to help piglets survive their first months – and then to decide which sows to kill. The scheme is being rolled out in China, the world’s biggest producer and consumer of pork. It marks the latest deployment of tech giant Alibaba’s ET Brain cloud computing service. China’s pig industry is notoriously inefficient, […]

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